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This south-at-the-top map is a great educational tool. It challenges basic notions of ''up'' and ''down.'' True ''up'' from our standpoint on the earth, is away from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. To emphasize this point, this map includes an inset, which shows global views from various angles. In addition, other inset maps show examples of a variety of projections with notes on their merits and limitations. Prices vary from $19.25 for a paper folded 2x3' map - to $700 for a custom printed oversize map. Click the drop-down menu to see your options.

Price:  $20.00

What´s Up South World Map  

South Up maps have a long history. You can read about South-Up maps in our book Seeing Through Maps. Included are images from Rome (200AD), Etzlaub's map of Europe (1501), Japan, Lenz's "USA as seen from Canada" and others. There are now four "south up" world maps available from ODT. Plus the Lenz series which includes a USA map seen from Canada, and South America as seen from Cuba.

What´s Up! South? World Map


South-up/North-up Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Map

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - The World Turned Upside Down - South-up/Africa-centered

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