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The book argues that we need to become aware of how we shape and use maps, and how they in turn shape us. Ultimately, it's about becoming aware of the 'meaning' behind the maps we use so we can reflect on and begin to create the kind of world we want.  Order the original eBook and download a copy for your e-Reader (Apple, Kindle or PDF formats available).  Or order the 2013 enhanced paperback edition which includes a 16 page User's Guide.
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How Maps Change Things  

1 - Framing Questions, Managing Answers
 Questions that Never Go Away
 Assignment: Solve Our Energy Problem
 Maps Provide Perspective
2 - Maps Send Messages
 What's a Map For?
 Deciphering the Mercator Message
 Little Town, Big Message
 Fuller Makes His Message Clear
 Where a "Simple" Decision Alters Political Perceptions
 A Subtle Message from a Border
 For Whom the Bill Tolls
 From Fuzzy Maps to Persistent Problems
 Another Way of Locating "Up"
 Mapping for Peace - Without a Map
3 - Behind the Scenes with the Peters Map
 Shaping a Character
 Righting Wrongs: the Historical Record
 Righting Wrongs: The World Image
4 - The Map that Got Hijacked
 A Low-Key yet Powerful Message
 What Professional Cartographers Say
 How Lively Can a Dead Map Be?
 Mercator and its Look-Alikes: Down but Not Out
 Comparing "Look-Alikes"
 Maps to Be Reckoned With
 A Personal Confession
 What Arno Peters Learned
 Analysts Provide Their Perspective
 Mercator Mentality/Imperial Mentality
 The Hangover Effect
 Maps of Mass Distortion?
 Is This a Problem?
5 - The Peters Paradox
 What Critics Say
 What Enthusiasts Say
 What Do You Think?
 Critiquing the Criticisms
6 - A New Day for the World?
 When Laissez-Faire Led to Chaos
 The Unity of Time and Distance
 A Bold New Proposal
 Move the Prime
 Straighten Out the Date Line
 Adopt a Decimal Grid
 Why Change, Anyway?
7 - Questions People Ask
8 - The World We Want
 What's Your Vision?
 Bono on the World We Want
 "A World in Space"
 There's a Map for That!
9 - The World We Get
 Between Us and the World We Want
 How Long Can Borders Last?
 How to Respond?
10 - Maps and the Faith/Values Connection
 Inclusive/Exclusive Points of View
 How Wide the Circle?
 The Values Gap
 Maps as Semi-Sacred
11 - Why Care?
 Why Care about the World?
 How to Care about the World?
 Why Care about Maps?
 Why Care, Anyway?
12 - Let the Conversation Continue...
 Continuing the Conversation: Maps
 Will GPS Kill Geo-Literacy?
 Through Maps to Better Public Health
 Can the Right Maps Lower Crime Rates?
 A Mapping Approach to Climate Change
 Maps: A Tool for Social Action
 Continuing the Conversation: Equal-Area Maps
 Continuing the Conversation: What Lives Are Worth Saving?
 Continuing the Conversation: Global Issues
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