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ODT's 2012 Presidential Election Map will display this year's election results. This map shows how dramatically the political landscape has been changed especially when mapped out on a USA population map. ODT's new election map shows how many people live in each state.
On our 2008 map each of the map’s grid squares represented 250,000 people. On the map was the exact population of the larger states (for ease of comparison, and to eliminate the need to count individual blocks) along with each state’s electoral votes. The bigger the state on this map, the greater the electoral clout. The 2012 map will either be a population map, like the 2008 version displayed at the left OR a map displaying one square per electoral college vote. The final determinatioin will be made based on orders placed by election day.

Click on BACKGROUND tab at bottom left to access the free gif files from the 2008 election.

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248 X 400 pix $10 $50
600 X 800 pix $15 $85
6.2”X 10” $25/$50 $100/300
(JPG or PSD)
15” X 24” $75 $375
37” X 60” $85 $550

Price:  $25.00

2012 Presidential Election Map  

To update your map on a daily basis, go to
The web site above will link you to the latest on-line data. While the data is not displayed on a Population Map or an Equal-Area Map, it is the best way to watch the dynamics of the election as it unfolds. It also displays historical election data from 1789 through 2004.

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