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Edited by Barry Mowell, Sub-Saharan Africa in the Classroom is written from a variety of perspectives and addresses numerous important human and physical themes. Each chapter shares the common goal of providing educators with substantive and balanced overviews of content, as well as strategies and resources to assist in teaching about Sub-Saharan Africa. Especially useful are reviews of 80 films for potential use in the classroom. Published by the National Council for Geographic Education. Paperback 8.5x11" 110 pages.
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Sub-Saharan Africa in the Classroom  

Content headings indicate the comprehensive quality of this presentation:

I.  Topical/Systematic Geography
    Ethnic Groups and Nations of Sub-Saharan Africa
    Environmental and Demographic Issues Impacting Sub-Saharan Africa
    Sub-Saharan Africa in Cinema: 0 Films with Political, Historical, or Cultural Themes
    Dispelling Stereotypes Concerning the Human and Physical Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

II.  Regional Case Studies
     Profile of Eastern Africa: Geopolitical and Historical Perspectives
     Western Africa: A Geographical Overview for Educators
     Teaching about the Human and Physical Landscape of Southern Africa

III. Pedagogy
     Pedagogy, Child Soldier Memoirs, and Moral Intelligence in a Post-Conflict Classroom
     A Child’s Safari into Sub-Saharan Africa – Past and Present: A Challenge for Teachers
     Cooperative Learning Strategies for Teaching about Sub-Saharan Africa

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