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Teaching American Ethnic Geography - from NCGE
Teaching American Ethnic Geography by Lawrence E. Estaville (Editor), National Council for Geographic Educatio, Carol J. Rosen (Editor). (PATHWAYS. IN GEOGRAPHY Publication from National Council for Geographic Education. Paperback 8.5x11" 131 pages.

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Teaching Political Geography

Examines how political control of the earth’s surface affects all other aspects of life (for example, the Iron Curtain) It includes first a section on teaching Political Geography, followed by 15 chapters under the headings of European Perspectives, United States Perspectives, Global Perspectives, and Educational Perspectives. I . . .

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Sub-Saharan Africa in the Classroom
Edited by Barry Mowell, Sub-Saharan Africa in the Classroom is written from a variety of perspectives and addresses numerous important human and physical themes. Each chapter shares the common goal of providing educators with substantive and balanced overviews of content, as well as strategies and resources to assist in teaching about Sub-Saharan Africa. Especially u . . .

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Not Used

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Mecca-centered Map Postcard

A New Teaching Resource - a world map with Mecca at the center. Front of the postcard explains, "... On this new world map the direction of Mecca and the shortest distance between Mecca and any other place in the world is easily measured by a straight line..."     10 Pack - $8.00       10 . . .

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