Upside Down World Jigsaw Puzzle

[Ages 12+, 500 pieces] A topsy turvy world in 500 pieces! This jigsaw is based on the Hobo Dyer Equal Area Projection, but flipped - so not only does it have countries represented in the correct size in relation to one another (which most maps don't), it turns our normal perception of up and down on its head!
Price:  $49.95

EarthBall with Global Handbook
Not only are these inflatable globes fascinating in the light - each EarthBall displays NiteGlow Cities, allowing you to observe the world's cities glowing brightly at night. Every EarthBall also comes with the 20-page Global Handbook chock full of games, activities & resources for Earth adventurers of all ages. ODT has sold out of the 16" model but you can buy them . . .

Price:  $18.00

Transparent Inflatable Globes

Who says learning isn't supposed to be fun? Introduce children to geography with these attractive and durable inflatable globes. A great way to learn about the world we live in!

All orders include a free Hobo-Dyer equal area map ($6 value).

Price:  $10.99