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Chicago-centered World Map 8.5 x 11 in.
This Chicago, IL- centered map is an example of a city-centered azimuthal equidistant map. It provides information about distance from Chicago to every other location in the world. It is a great map for residents of Chicago, but not much help if you donít live there. And because any map has to distort SOME aspect of the truth, the further you get from Chicago, the wo . . .

Price:  $7.50

Toronto-centered world map poster

Leonard Guelke created this projection to tell you exactly how far it was from anywhere on Earth to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Draw a straight line on this map from Toronto to anywhere in the world and, with some simple math, you've got the real-world distance. In order to achieve this benefit, you need to sacrifice some shapes and sizes.
Original poster size . . .

Price:  $99.00

World Map for People in the USA - 11 x17 in.

We can customize a map like this for any city in the world! (only $199)
The tradit . . .

Price:  $11.00

Africaīs World 11 x 17 in.
This Africa-centered global perspective on the planet is an azimuthal equal area map. The map is centered on the Equator and 15 degrees East as a convenient geographical center point of the continent. The world is shown as spreading outwards in all directions from that point. It provides information about distance from this central point in Africa to every other loca . . .

Price:  $11.00

Mecca-centered Map Postcard

A New Teaching Resource - a world map with Mecca at the center. Front of the postcard explains, "... On this new world map the direction of Mecca and the shortest distance between Mecca and any other place in the world is easily measured by a straight line..."     10 Pack - $8.00       10 . . .

Price:  $8.00

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